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ESNDC is a 35 year old locally governed community development corporation (CDC), whose mission is to foster a safe, diverse and thriving neighborhood by engaging the community to create, affordable housing and support commercial development.

Welcome to ESNDC

Major ESNDC 2012 Accomplishments:
  • ESNDC brought $7.1 Million of investment into the community.
  • ESNDC generated 24 jobs.
  • ESNDC received the Mayor’s Environmental Sustainability Award for its forgivable loan partnership with Xcel that targeted energy efficiency upgrades for commercial buildings on Payne and Arcade.
  • ESNDC played a central leadership role and was a major investor in the transformation of the Payne Phalen commercial node; i.e., Kendall’s Hardware, new parking, and the Ward 6 Café. These major redevelopments built upon momentum generated by 15 years of ESNDC Mainstreet Program commercial corridor revitalization work.
  • ESNDC and its partner the Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation completed the renovation of 51 affordable housing units for the East Side Commons scattered site project, including one new townhome.
  • ESNDC completed 49 residential lead abatement projects.
  • ESNDC provided business planning technical assistance to 55 entrepreneurs; the vast majority of whom are of color.
  • ESNDC door-knocked over 1,200 houses and talked to hundreds of East Siders, often making referrals to partner organizations and getting residents directly connected to resources.
  • ESNDC launched the East Side Neighborhood Development Company Real Estate Brokerage.
  • ESNDC began “bundling” housing resources for homeowners, thus creating the ability complete substantial renovations of homes for seniors, low income families, or people physically unable to do the work.

An ESNDC Milestone at 665 Case Avenue in 2012
"Bundling" Affordable Housing Resources
"If Mai Xiong didn't knock on my door that morning, I would have left my home. Because of my limited disability, I cannot manage the exterior work of my home."
Before Picture
After Picture
After with Ying Vang and her son Teng
Ying Her Vang and her husband came to Minnesota from Laos in 1980. They bought their home at 665 Case in 1992. Together they raised nine kids. Her husband passed away in 2008 just as Ying's diabetes worsened. She does not speak English well at all.
ESNDC met Ying going door to door in what is called the NSP III Area of the East Side. This is a City designation for the area in St. Paul with the highest density of foreclosures (and ESNDC's focus area).
One of ESNDC's 2012 goals is to find ways to bring multiple resources to bear on affordable housing challenges in and near the NSP III area as possible. This was ESNDC's first "bundling" project.
Hearts and Hammers and A Brush Kindness combined forces. They:
  • scraped, primed, and painted the entire exterior of the house and garage,
  • removed and replaced rotten wood on the garage,
  • installed a new garage door,
  • put a new fence up in the back yard,
  • laid sod,
  • repaired the wheelchair ramp, and
  • trimmed the trees.
This in turn, qualifies as the match for a forgivable loan application of up to $20,000 of interior work via Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood Housing Services. A Brush With Kindness has said they will come back to help with the interior too.
ESNDC also connected Ying with the East Side Family Center for mortgage counseling.
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